ISBN: 9781869685645

Star Quest


ISBN: 9781869685645
Author(s) : Marie Walding,
SKU: 9781869685645
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This 60-page photocopiable book is designed to provide a fun, supportive approach to research skills and general knowledge learning. Suitable for students at junior secondary level, it also makes for valuable ESL material. Primarily a homework book, it contains fifty ten-question quizzes, more than enough for every week of the school year. Each quiz contains progressively more difficult questions on a wide range of enjoyable general knowledge subjects for students, including Animals, Sport, Language, History, Literature, Science, Geography, Popular Culture, and much more. The game-show-style “Brainsavers” quiz system encourages students to involve parents / caregivers in their learning, as well as increase their research skills using print resources and the Internet, while an in-built reward and progress tracking system provides added motivation for them to succeed. Answers are provided.

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