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SPELT Programme

SPELT Programme by Bruce Allen Knight, David Patterson, Dr. Robert F. Mulcahy

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The SPELT approach attempts to balance context with process and represents an opportunity to develop self-directed learners in the context of regular classroom instruction. This approach incorporates strategic and affective domains in the development of students in generating, monitoring and evaluating their use of strategies in seeking solutions.

Table of Contents: 

Section One
Introduction to Cognitive Education


  • Principal Hallmarks of the Spelt Approach
  • Major Goals of Spelt 

Cognition and Metacognition

  • Knowledge of Cognitive Strategies
  • Major Components of Control

Control and Cognitive Strategies:

  • Locus of Control (LOC)
  • Formulation of Specific and Generalised Expectancies
  • The Failure Cycle
  • Dual-Dimensional View of Locus of Control 

Metacognitive Learners

  • Sets of Learning and Thinking Skills—Sternberg
  • Intelligent Behaviours—Costa
  • Classes of Strategies—Dansereau
  • Approaches to Teaching—Rigney 

The SPELT Instructional Model

  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three 

Section Two

Phase One Instruction

  • The Goals of Phase One
  • Phase One Instructional Methods
  • Examples of Strategies 

Phase Two Instruction

  • The Goals of Phase Two
  • Phase Two Instructional Methods 

Phase Three Instruction

  • The goals of Phase Three
  • Phase Three Instructional Methods 

A Guided Internality Teaching Perspective 

  • Classroom Environment
  • Teacher’s Role 

Section Three

Effectiveness of SPELT
Incorporating SPELT Into Schools

  • Actions to Assist Real Change
  • Some Teaching Tips
  • Personal Questions for You to Consider About SPELT
  • Personal Action Program for the Introduction of SPELT

The SPELT Program Workshops

[Authors: Dr. Bruce Allen Knight, David Patterson, Dr. Robert F. Mulcahy; Ages: 12-15]

[ISBN: 9781864017229; Pages: 66]


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