ISBN: 9780815354970

Understanding & Using Spoken Language


Understanding and Using Spoken Language (2nd edition) is a collection of original games and activities designed to help and support children aged from 7 to 9 years.

ISBN: 9780815354970
SKU: 9780815354970


Understanding and Using Spoken Language (2nd edition) is a collection of original games and activities designed to help and support children aged from 7 to 9 years.

The book seeks to address language and communication difficulties by providing a range of fun and engaging activities. The activities focus on both social and language development in areas such as body language, independence, emotions, listening, speaking and auditory memory. The book includes:

  • Over 150 games and activities, which are differentiated for different ages and levels of ability
  • A clear aim, equipment list and instructions for each activity
  • Photocopiable templates for ease of use
  • Supplementary resource sheets including pictures and scripts to use with the activities

Now fully revised and updated in line with current policy and legislation, this second edition includes material to create an effective speech and language therapy programme in consultation with a therapist. The activities are easy to set up and can be carried out by teachers, classroom assistants or volunteers. This is a unique manual that will be an essential addition to the materials used by professionals working with young children.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • How to use this book
  • Understanding Spoken Language
  • Active Listening and Memory
  • Thinking and Reasoning
  • Word Play
  • Using Spoken Language
  • Explaining and Describing
  • Reporting and Debating
  • Using Speech Effectively
  • Activity Resources
  • Teaching Resources
  • Bibliography

About the Authors:

Catherine Delamain is a retired speech and language therapist with over 40 years’ experience working with children with speech, language and communication needs in clinics, schools, special schools and nurseries. She spent several years in association with a senior educational psychologist lecturing to teachers on how to address the needs of children with speech, language and communication needs in mainstream and special schools. Catherine formed part of a pioneering team of paediatricians, speech therapists and clinical psychologists, to provide multi-disciplinary diagnosis of children with autistic spectrum disorder. With Jill Spring, she is the co-author of eight books published by Speechmark.

Jill Spring is a retired speech and language therapist who specialised in child speech and language disorder and autistic spectrum disorder. Since qualifying in 1972 she has worked in a variety of paediatric settings including community clinics, assessment centres, opportunity playgroups and mainstream schools. From 1996 to 2014 she worked in specialist language units attached to mainstream schools, spending two years managing one of these units. Before retiring in 2016 she was responsible for coordinating the Education Commissioned Communication Plan support service for children with complex speech, language and communication difficulties. She also worked as part of the multi-disciplinary team responsible for assessment and diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders in West Dorset. From 2011 until her retirement she coordinated the Dorset Speech and Language Therapy Service training programmes offered to schools across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. She maintains an active interest in speech, language and communication development in children and young people.

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