Say & Do Sound Production: Flip Book and Activities for Apraxia and More Book


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Do you work with children who struggle with producing sounds and words? Give them the visual cues they need with the Say and Do Sound Production Flip Book and Activities for Apraxia and More!

The Say and Do Flip-Book contains four identical sections of illustrated cards. The cards provide a visual model of how to produce vowels and consonants at the sound, syllable, and word levels. Each card section is arranged by place of production, beginning at the front of the mouth and working towards the back.

The Say and Do Activity Book contains worksheets and therapy activities for the illustrated cards in the Say and Do Flip-Book. The worksheets allow the child to practice at the beginner (sound), intermediate (syllable), and advanced (word) levels. Includes therapy activities and reproducible mouth pictures to encourage carryover practice. Copy all worksheets and activities from the book.

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