ISBN: 9781586504625

Say and Do: Auditory Lessons


Say & Do Auditory Lessons: 60-page reproducible book to improve your students’ auditory processing skills at two levels (beginner and advanced).

ISBN: 9781586504625
Author(s) : Diane Hyde
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 – Two-Level Question Sheets for Auditory Association, Discrimination, Memory and Reception

Improve your students’ auditory processing at two skill levels, beginner and advanced, with this 60-page reproducible book. Lesson sheets target twenty areas of listening development, under the following four headings:

  • Auditory Association:
    • WH- questions
    • Auditory Closure
    • Parts to Whole
    • If-Then
    • What’s Wrong with the Sentence?
    • Listening for the Main Idea
    • Similarities & Differences
  • Auditory Discrimination:
    • Rhyming
    • Syllable Awareness
    • Identification/Discrimination of Initial Sounds in Words
    • Identification & Discrimination of Final Sounds in Words
    • Sound Blending
  • Auditory Memory:
    • Memory for Words
    • Memory for Short Sentences
    • Memory for Long Sentences
    • Memory for Poems
    • Listening for Details
  • Auditory Reception:
    • Yes/No Questions
    • Which Is?
    • True/False

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