ISBN: 9781874534310

Rhodes to Language


Language activities for children aged 7-16 years

ISBN: 9781874534310
Author(s) : Anna Rhodes
SKU: 9781874534310


– Language activities for children aged 7-16 years

This valuable resource from Elklan includes games and activities designed to address specific areas of language. They will prove a valuable and time-saving resource for teachers and therapists.

The resource is divided into the following eight sections:

  • Nouns: Groups, Naming Nouns, Speed Naming, Noun Lotto, Odd one Out, Compound words, Word Play, What is It? Syllables
  • Verbs: Verb Variety, Tricky Tenses
  • Adjectives: Adding Adjectives, Alternative Adjectives
  • Conjunctions: Clever Conjunctions
  • Adverbs: Adventurous Adverbs, When, Where & How?
  • Pronouns: Silly Sentences, Sillier Sentences
  • Meaning: Multiple Meanings, More Meanings, Same or Different?, Antonyms & Synonyms, Crosswords, Pesky Pairs, Similes
  • Concepts: Cool Concepts

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A4 Manual & Digital Accompaniment


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First Published: 2001

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