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In the educational work and in the rehabilitation of disabled children and adults, papers, cards and other simple paper supports with various types of images are frequently needed. The obstacle that is most often encountered is to find simple and clear images or images produced for this specific purpose: for example images that represent actions of daily life, topological concepts, etc.

Picture This … Pro! It is a very easy-to-use program to create this type of material using a collection of over 5000 photographs divided into 37 categories including:  emotions, sequences, actions, opposites, prepositions, forms, mathematics and many categories of everyday objects and people.

With Picture This … Pro! it is possible to make papers with photographs representing common situations and objects of life, on their own and in a short time.

The program has a very simple operation:

First select the desired size of the images (only 1 image per page, or 4, 12, 20) and then insert the photograph in the cells. Each image can be accompanied by a written label. Although the program is in English, it is possible to select the Italian language for the labels to be applied to the images.

Once printed, the images can be used as they are or cut out to obtain individual cards. In this way it is also very easy to create customized raffles or cards for a game of memory. Because the CD images can be copied to your computer’s hard drive, Picture This … Pro! can constitute a collection of photographs to make materials with Word and other programs.

A Digital Download of the program will soon be available. The CD must be purchased first before access to the digital version. The CD acts as proof of purchase of the program.

Digital Companion Page: www.otb.ie/picture-this-digital

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