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ISBN: 9780923573478
Author(s) : Marilyn M. Toomey
SKU: 9780923573478

This handy reference features 188 of the first words or phrases used by young children.

On the front of each 4 by 5-1/2 inch page you’ll find a realistic color drawing portraying a person or animal, object, action, descriptive characteristic or relational concept. On the back are the corresponding Mayer Johnson Picture Communication Symbols and American Sign Language signs.

This comprehensive collection of pictures, signs and symbols provides the busy speech/language pathologist or teacher with instant access to 188 pictures, signs and symbols to use while working with young children who need augmentative assistance in developing language and communication. Use these pictures, signs and symbols to access signs and symbols needed for language lessons anywhere, anytime–when books or computers are not available. Or use the 188 pictures as an inexpensive start to a color picture library!

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