ISBN: 9780815354925

Developing Baseline Communication Skills (2nd Edition)


Developing Baseline Communication Skills is a practical resource designed to fit with baseline assessments in primary school

ISBN: 9780815354925
SKU: 9780815354925


Developing Baseline Communication Skills is a practical resource designed to fit with baseline assessments in primary school. The second edition of this bestselling resource contains a programme of games and activities to foster personal and social development and promote language and literacy skills in 3–5 year-olds. The book seeks to address language and communication difficulties for children coming into reception class by providing a range of fun and engaging activities. Suitable for whole classes or small groups of children, the activities focus on both personal, social, emotional development as well as language and literacy in areas such as body language, independence, turn-taking, listening, speaking and auditory memory.

Features include:

  • 200 games and activities which are differentiated for different ages and levels of ability
  • A clear aim, equipment list and instructions for each activity
  • Photocopiable templates for ease of use
  • Supplementary resource sheets including pictures and scripts to use with the activities.

Now fully revised and updated in line with current policy and legislation, this book is suitable for young children in any school setting including nurseries, playgroups and reception classes. It also includes material that may be used as an effective part of a speech and language therapy programme in consultation with a therapist. This is a unique manual that will be an essential addition to the materials used by professionals working with young children.

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