ISBN: 9780863887482

Storyboards 2


ISBN: 9780863887482
Author(s) : Felicity Durham
SKU: 9780863887482


“StoryBoards 2” follows the same successful format as “StoryBoards”, but introduces fantasy locations and suggests activities and outcomes to encourage children to understand how to develop imaginative writing. The activities provide a framework which helps them to use their imagination to invent their own storylines and endings.

The story elements include: Where did you go? (e.g. desert island, under the sea, fairy castle, underground, dark forest, outer space); When did you go? How did you get there? What did you see? How did you feel? What happened? An example is: Where? – a visit to a fairy castle; When? – in the morning; How? – magic carpet, dragon’s back, space rocket, hot air balloon; Saw? – wand, harp, jewelled crown, suit of armour; Felt? – choose from emotions pack – happy, sad, excited, scared; and, What happened? – changed into a frog, rode home on a dragon, woke up. “StoryBoards 2” can be used effectively with both individuals and groups. Individual boards are provided for use by up to four ‘players’ at a time, but when more children are involved they can work in pairs to develop individual stories or work on a single story as a group. This title is suitale for ages: 4-11.

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