ColorCards: Teen Issues


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This title includes 36 cards and worksheets to open up discussion on the key issues facing young people today. Growing up in today’s world presents young people with a complex range of diverse situations, attitudes and experiences. The versatile cards in this pack have been designed to provide an opportunity to consider the variety of subjects, experiences and situations that a young person could encounter, providing an opportunity and platform for informative and lively discussion.

Topics covered in this title include: relationships – for example; Parents and step families, Siblings, Friends, Enemies, Bullying; lifestyle – for example; Diet and Fitness, Mental and Physical Health, Self-esteem, Addictions, Body image; safety – for example; Gaining independence, Stress, Bullying, Gangs, Cyber safety; Life Skills – for example; and, Money management, Gambling, Climate change, School workload, Politics, Making choices. The free CD Rom includes worksheets for each ColorCard, which can be printed out in either black and white or colour to enable specific work to be undertaken.

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