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Prepositions, 2nd Edition is a valuable resource for building pre-language concepts, developing verbal comprehension, and expanding expressive language. Comprising 48 fully-updated colour flashcards, divided into eight sets of six, each set represents a single preposition in a variety of contexts.

The concepts and vocabulary shown relate to common circumstances and experiences, while the prepositions illustrated aim to teach awareness of space, position, and movement. This second edition of our bestselling resource contains new, modern images that have been selected for use with a wide range of ages, interests and language abilities.

With the inclusion of modern, engaging images, this 2nd edition is a valuable intervention to support SLTs, SENCOs and teachers develop pupils’ comprehension and use of prepositions. Each card also provides other language possibilities, in particular the opportunity to develop the use of verbs and expressive language. It may be used effectively with individuals or in group settings and has been developed in conjunction with several highly-experienced speech and language therapists.

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