ISBN: 9780863883552

ColorCards: Cause & Effect


ISBN: 9780863883552
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This title offers 48 cards illustrating 2-step sequences of day-to-day events. Designed to help develop logical and critical thinking skills, this set will also help with verbal reasoning, as well as encourage the use and practice of questioning. It contains 24 sequenced pairs that illustrate how ‘one thing leads to another’. A specific situation is presented on the first card, the user then having to predict the possible outcome that may, or may not, be shown on the second card. It includes a variety of situations that are immediate or happen over a period of time; welcome or unwelcome; positive or negative. Subject matter includes: the boy plays with the ball indoors …and knocks the flowers down; the girl leaves the bath water running …and it overflows; the boy eats a lot of chocolate …and feels ill; and, the girl builds the bricks into a high tower …and they fall down.

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