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For many mainstream classroom teachers, having a special needs student in the classroom brings challenges that their previous training and experience have not prepared them for. The academic gap between the student and the rest of the class is vast, yet these teachers want to do the best for everyone, including the special needs student. The Special Needs in the Classroom series shows you how, with everything you need from vital background knowledge on developmental stages to practical activities to build the student’s confidence and competence with literacy or numeracy.

It covers essential foundations such as planning, assessment and classroom organisation, which help in creating a classroom programme and learning environment that respond to the student’s needs. Also included is a generous range of templates and checklists to support both teacher and learner in developing the student’s skills in key areas of the curriculum.

Book 1 focuses on the development of literacy skills in particular. The companion ook in this series contains a range of ideas, information and activities to develop the numeracy skills of a special needs student.Each of Chapters 6–11 deals with a different aspect of literacy. Each one sets out the stages of learning, ideas, activities and an example of a lesson. Thereafter Chapter 12 draws together the key points in this book with a checklist you can use to assess your readiness to cater to the needs of your student

Book 2 focuses on the development of numeracy skills in particular. Maths is all around us. Being competent at maths means being able to solve problems. Through maths we develop strategies that we can use across a range of life situations – we make estimations, we use equipment, we draw diagrams, we calculate, we transfer our knowledge of problem solving.

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