Speaking in Sentences

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Author(s) : Jenny Pyatt,


Oral language activities to take the struggle out of literacy

The Speaking in Sentences series takes a fresh approach to the standard components of any oral language programme, such as plays, current events, poetry and speeches. It also contains new ideas and suggestions for other effective ways of encouraging students to speak clearly and to use correct grammatical structures.

Activities help students gain greater control over oral language so that they can:

  • Speak in full sentences
  • Use correct grammatical structures
  • Predict text in reading, thus accelerating reading progress.

The activities cater for a wide range of abilities, with some for general classroom use and others for children who have special needs in regard to oral language. They
can supplement ESOL programmes and/or be used for homework activities. Books 1 and 2 are aimed at junior to middle primary, whereas Books 3 and 4 are aimed at middle to upper primary.

Ultimately, with these books, students will be Speaking in Sentences with growing accuracy and confidence.

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