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ISBN: 9781906531102
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Simon Asher, known as Smasher is good at being bad. He bullies little kids, breaks into cars, locks his brother in cupboards, carries knives, gets into fights, and lots more. At best Smasher is heading for an ASBO and, at worst, a life in jail. He is full of rage and hate because of all the bad things that have happened in his life. But he doesn’t really care about what he does or where he ends up, because he thinks life is lousy. One day he comes face to face with a strange presence who takes him on some horrific and wonderful journeys. As a result, Smasher realises he is at a major crossroads and has some serious choices to make. Does he smash up everything in his life, or think again and change direction in the nick of time? Will he get the help he needs, or will it be too late?

This allegorical story offers vital life-affirming psychological messages to any teenager who is struggling with identity issues, self-esteem, peer pressure, feelings of failure, inadequacy, futility, or problems with rage and hate.
Unlike many other books for teenagers this book is fully illustrated to help the reader vividly enter the amazing places, mood states and imaginings of the central character – a depressed and angry fourteen-year-old adolescent who has lost all hope for himself and his world. The story is also suitable for teenagers who find reading difficult

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