ISBN: 9781869686369

Energy And Its Transformations


ISBN: 9781869686369
Author(s) : Ormiston Walker
SKU: 9781869686369
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Energy & its Transformations, by experienced educational science author Ormiston Walker, explores the important concepts involved with energy. The book organises these concepts into the following major themes:

  • Force and Energy
  • Electromagnetic
  • Radiation
  • Electrical Energy
  • Energy from Our Earth
  • Nuclear Energy.

Topic coverage has been designed so that students working through all of the content included should gain an excellent overall understanding of energy. The book features experiments which are easy to resource, simple to prepare and able to be carried out in the classroom. The resource also provides opportunities to create variety in teaching and learning by using a range of teaching strategies, including research assignments, presentations, cooperative learning, homework extension activities, and more.

The excellent coverage of the topic of energy provided will enhance and complement any department’s existing science resources.

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