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Children are inate explorers, wonderers, inventors and creators, and they do all of this naturally through their play. For a child, science is all about exploring and interacting with their immediate environment. Through hands-on-play children build their own ideas about the world. In this way science can be seen as a time to have fun delving into the how, why and what-ifs of the exciting, wondrous and often mysterious world around them.

This resource focuses on the changes that occur in the world of materials. Children explore water, air, bubbles, slime, clay and dough. Each area of play is introduced with the following layout, headings and scaffolding: What are we exploring?; Creating a scenario; Setting the scene; Engaging; Exploring & Expanding. Whether the type of play is spontaneous or teacher constructed, it is important that the children’s hands stimulate their senses. Even more essential is that the children’s minds are strongly connected to what their hands are doing. This is where the teacher becomes the facilitator of effective learning.

Each area of water, air, bubbles, slime and clay and dough unfolds in a total of nine on-going ‘scenes’ where the children explore the properties of the most common materials around them in their immediate environment.


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