ISBN: 9781869685454

Balloon Science


ISBN: 9781869685454
Author(s) : Ormiston Walker
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Balloon Science is an innovative and creative book that uses balloons to teach important science concepts. The writing of this resource comes from the author’s own passion to enhance students’ enjoyment of science and science education. Experience shows that the pressures of time often make it difficult to incorporate activities into our teaching programmes that are student-centred and collaborative. In preparing this resource the intention has been to provide a welcome break from traditional textbook exercises by way of activities that are fun and yet still promote excellent teaching and learning in science education.

The worksheets and experiments presented in this resource have been designed to be very quick and easy to use in a classroom setting and the experiments and activities can be easily photocopied for the students as there is one science concept per page. Explanations have been included and it is recommended that they are read carefully as the experiment or activity may need to be modified to suit the particular requirements of the students. The independent or collaborative activities and experiments are designed around real-world concepts which are intended to support learning. The resources required are minimal, inexpensive and very easy to obtain. With every worksheet, there are further investigations that can be used for research or extension activities. The resource provides plenty of opportunities to introduce cooperative learning into the classroom.

The experiments and activities for each science concept could be used to supplement a number of major topic areas. Depending on your students, the worksheets could be given at the beginning or conclusion of a teaching topic, as homework, as a lesson starter, or as preparation that leads up to the test. Students will quickly learn areas for development and be reminded of the basic skills that are needed for success in higher-order problem-solving. The design of the worksheets will work to motivate students to better their understanding of science by providing excellent coverage of important science concepts in the major topic areas.

Enjoy this creative way to introduce fun experiments and activities into the classroom which will educate and motivate students in science. It is hoped that some of the experiments, activities or ideas in this book may provide some insight as to other approaches for the teaching of important science concepts in the classroom.

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