Sensory Motor Activities for Early Development



This is a successful manual of tried and tested activities to develop gross and fine motor skills in children.

It contains: 

  • Numerous creative activities to stimulate sensory and body awareness, encourage basic movement, promote hand skills and enhance spatial/perceptual skills;
  • Information on working in small groups;
  • Handouts that can be photocopied to give to parents or other carers for home practice.



  • Getting Started;
  • Activities to Stimulate Sensory and Body Awareness;
  • Activities for Encouraging Basic Movement;
  • Activities to Promote Hand Skills;
  • Activities to Enhance Spatial and Early Perceptual Skills;
  • Working in Small Groups;
  • More Creative Ideas



[ISBN: 9780863884184; 108 Pages]

[By: Chia Swee Hong, Helen Gabriel & Cathy St John;  Age Suitability: Early Years]



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