Sensational Reading

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Author(s) : Suzi de Gouveia,


Activities to build reading skills with fiction and non fiction texts

Sensational Reading series builds comprehension skills and inspires students to think deeply about the fiction and non-fiction books they read. Worksheets cover different aspects of literature and many include stimulating follow-up activities related to guided and independent reading. Each worksheet begins with a learning outcome that clarifies the learning intention to both teacher and students. Further, at the end of each worksheet is an assessment rubric tracking the three progressions of HOT – surface, deep and conceptual. In this way the worksheet also makes learning transparent, showing where each student is at and what their next step in learning is.

Book 1: 7-8 Years

Book 2: 8-9 Years

Book 3: 9-10 Years

Book 4: 11-12 Years

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