ISBN: 9781927172926

Recipes For Writing


ISBN: 9781927172926
Author(s) : Louise Eglesfield
SKU: 9781927172926


Based on 20 years of successful writing teaching, this literacy resource sets out ways to create simple formulas for juniors that become the ‘recipes’ for writing a particular genre. The component parts of the ‘recipe’ become the ‘ingredients’. Each ‘recipe’ is developed with the students following a structured process. It is then displayed in the classroom as a prompt for independent writing. These great little frameworks will scaffold juniors into experiencing success and confidence in their writing.

The book is primarily aimed at teaching students who are new to writing for different purposes. The examples are mostly taken from the work of students aged 7 to 8, many of them reluctant writers who have followed the structured recipe process. However, the actual process can be taught throughout the primary school years. The recipes can be revisited, revised and extended beyond the basic recipe for older age groups. The example texts and language features could become more sophisticated for confident writers.

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