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Author(s) : Michael Pohl
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The two books in this series (Quizzles & More Quizzles) contain over 200 pictorial clue puzzles (sometimes called ‘dingbats’). The puzzles are designed to challenge the mind and stretch the thinking capabilities of you, your students and your colleagues! The booklets are designed to provide the stimulation required by the brain to think better and to ‘think outside the box’ – Literally!! Solving the puzzles will help to improve analytical thinking skills. As we closely examine each puzzle to discover a cleverly disguised, everyday saying or commonly heard expression, we become more and more familiar with the puzzle format. Our brain starts to find connections with similar puzzles solved earlier.


  • Introduction to Quizzles
  • A Note to Students
  • A Note to Teachers
  • Keys to Solving Quizzles
  • Quizzles – 23 Sets of 9 Pictorial Clues
  • My Very Own Fun-to-do Puzzles
  • Answers

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