ISBN: 9781869685775

Quiet Times: A Safety Valve for Student Stress


ISBN: 9781869685775
Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
SKU: 9781869685775


Overloaded, stressed out students require proactive and targeted support to help them to develop the tools necessary to manage their stress levels. One proven effective strategy is to encourage students to take small ‘time-outs’ or ‘quiet times’ – perhaps just 15 or 20 minutes. Teachers will often use this strategy, perhaps encouraging students to do some silent reading or other quiet activity. This photocopiable resource book provides a broad range of self- contained and brief readings that can be used during these time-out periods, each linked to a particular topic that may be creating stress for the student. Each reading is followed by a small series of questions that encourage the student to think about the reading in the context of stress management ideas and techniques.

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