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A self-esteem programme for teachers and students

Each book in this series:
• Provides a menu of activities and games through which students develop an understanding of self-esteem in themselves and in others
• Allows the creation of one or more lesson plans for each ‘theme’ on a specific aspect of self-esteem
• Can be used as a continuous programme – for example, over a period of six weeks, or as a series of stand-alone lessons
• Motivates students to set goals and evaluate their own learning during and at the conclusion of the programme
• Encourages both students and the teacher to become actively involved in the learning.

The resource comprises two books. The first includes the programme itself, which consists of several sections, each offering a particular theme related to self-esteem.
The second book contains photocopiable handouts relating to the student activities described in Book 1. The pages immediately following this introduction outline how the self-esteem
programme aligns the learning to the Ministry of Education essential skills.

In terms of the learning approach in this resource, students are encouraged to read and complete the handout on “Setting Goals” (Handout 1, Book 2) as a starting point of the programme. This can be an individual activity, with opportunity for whole-class discussion of the significance of setting goals, both short and long-term. The programme ends with
a self-evaluation questionnaire (“Checking My Goal Achievement”, Handout 24, Book 2), which you may wish to collect after the students have completed it and then provide feedback on an individual basis. Also encourage students to keep a “journal” in which they can collect information and material throughout the programme that has meaning for them and is useful for the future.

But before you embark on the self-esteem programme with the students, I suggest you consider your own self-esteem by reading the related text on pages 12–14 of this first book and
completing the activities that it contains. If we, as teachers, wish to help other people learn about and develop healthy, positive self-esteem, we must first of all learn about and develop our own.
Self-esteem is a natural, ongoing factor in our lives. This programme is also ongoing in its use and purpose for students and teachers alike.

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