Portfolios Through the Year



Portfolios Through the Year contains a variety of unit projects to be completed throughout the year. The finished projects will be included as part of each student’s total portfolio package. Each student will need the following materials:

  • An eight-pocket folder for the year’s portfolio
  • A two-pocket folder for work in progess (This is called a Writer’s Working Notebook. It is a great place to store brainstorming ideas, rhyming lists, and student skill lists.)

Throughout the units, each student will follow the process of brainstorming, writing a first draft, peer-conferencing for content, peer-editing for mechanical errors, followed by writing a second draft. The second drafts will then be submitted to the teacher for letter grades based on individual criteria and a rubric score. (Students should be apprised of the criteria and what will be expected of them when each assignment is given.) The teacher will then return the projects and the students will complete a final copy unless their second drafts were error-free. Finally, the students will fill out the accompanying reflection pages. At this point, the students will decide to file their projects in their portfolios for quality work or in their writer’s notebooks for later reworking. The students may also rewrite their papers for reassessment.

The activities on pages 11 and 12 are designed to help students learn more about themselves. The unit on goal setting is a short project and is not necessarily graded by the teacher. Lesson plans for the teacher, a rubric, and a student assessment sheet are provided in each unit.

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