Perfect Plays – Book 1


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‘A Friend Indeed’, ‘Think Before You Act’ and ‘Dreams Really Can Come True’ are three delightful plays for children to perform in front of large audiences. Production notes accompany each play to help teachers make decisions about costumes, props and stage sets.The plays incorporate popular songs and humour and have been cleverly written to teach children important values and to allow for maximum participation.

Play 1 – A Friend Indeed Page 7 Theme: Friendship
Burly is a pirate, mean and often nasty. He doesn’t have any friends because the townfolk in Pirate Town are frightened of him. Burly discovers that to have friends you need to be friendly and so he changes his ways, to everyone’s delight and relief.

Play 3 – Dreams Really Can Come True Page 40 Theme: Sharing and Caring
Johnny is being naughty. Santa and the Dreaming’s use a bit of special magic to bring happiness and love to the little boy so he no longer misbehave.


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Diana Bickford