PERA: Phonics and Early Reading Assessment: Starter Set



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PERA: Phonics and Early Reading Assessment: Starter Set

The Phonics and Early Reading Assessment (PERA) is a standardised test matched to the Letters and Sounds Framework and the requirements of the UK DfE Year 1 ‘Phonics Screening Check’, as well as to the teaching and assessment needs of schools both before and after the statutory test.

  • PERA Test 1 for use at the end of Reception and the first half of Year 1 (i.e. during the first four terms in school), covers Phases 2–4 and into Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds and provides detailed diagnostic information to inform teaching in the Foundation Stage.
  • PERA Test 2 assesses Phases 3–5 and into Phase 6 of Letters and Sounds, making it ideal for familiarisation purposes before the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ in the Year 1 summer term. It also provides a framework for re-testing, to ensure progress is monitored and maintained throughout Year 2.
  • Presented individually and orally, using illustrated, full-colour reusable cards.
  • Parallel forms A and B allow up to four separate assessments to inform individual teaching and monitor each pupil’s progress from the Foundation Stage and up to Key Stage 1.
  • You note the child’s responses on a record sheet that is designed for easy marking (including miscue analysis) and diagnostic profiling – each test takes up to 10 minutes.
  • The manual provides extensive guidance for focused teaching follow-up. PERA has been developed by the authors of the Progress in Reading Assessment (PiRA) series and was standardised on over 3,500 pupils to provide norms (as ages, levels and standardised scores) which are reliable and up to date.


Age Suitability: 4 – 7

Authors: Colin McCarty, Kate Ruttle

Publication Date: 2012

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