ISBN: 9781906517588

Understanding and Tackling Obesity


This title aims to enable children from an early age to recognise and resist unhealthy pressures, maintain body esteem, and know how to make skilled choices that can ensure their health and wellbeing.

ISBN: 9781906517588
Author(s) : Ruth MacConville
SKU: 9781906517588


A Whole-School Guide

From an early age, children are bombarded by the media with messages promoting foods high in saturated fats, sugars and salt. One of the greatest changes for children in the last 50 years is the decrease in exercise and the increase in ‘screen’ time. This programme is not about dieting or weight control, instead, it has been designed to be realistic and non-discriminatory, aiming to enable children from an early age to recognise and resist unhealthy pressures, maintain body-esteem and know how to make skilled choices that will ensure their health and wellbeing.

When we shift the focus from fat and weight to healthy choices leading to nutritional health and fitness we sacrifice nothing and gain an approach that enhances the wellbeing of all.’ (Kater, 2005).

The 12 sessions cover topics including:

  • What to eat.
  • How to understand food labels.
  • Media messages.
  • Get moving.
  • TV turnoff.

There are full facilitator notes with all the necessary resources to run an interactive programme that will engage children. Supporting the class activities there are ‘take-home’ activities that will keep parents aware of what is being covered in the programme as well as a weekly log, where children record trying new foods and physical activities.

The book contains background information about the increase in obesity, the effect of media messages as well as the philosophy and approach taken in the programme. The package includes a CD-ROM which has all the copiable resources and a PowerPoint for staff training.

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