Love Bombing


ISBN: 9781780491370
Author(s) : Oliver James
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Resetting Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat

“Love Bombing” is a radical new method for resetting the emotional thermostats of troubled children and their parents, setting them on a much happier trajectory. It is simple to do, easily explained and works for both severe and mild problems from aged three to early teenage. Many, if not most, parents feel that their children may have missed out in some way during the early years. Offering a simple, relatively trouble-free self-help method for putting that right is what parents are waiting for.

“This book is written in highly accessible language”, assures the author. “The method is explained as simply as possible, illustrated with cases”. “Love Bombing is a very simple technique which helps most children from aged three to early teenage. Because so many parents are, or have had, periods of living very busy or miserable or complicated lives, most of us need to reconnect with our children from time to time. Love Bombing does the job,” explains James.

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