ISBN: 9780415792912

Developing Resilience


ISBN: 9780415792912
Author(s) : Michael Neenan
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A Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

Some individuals emerge from grim experiences stronger in mind and spirit than others who suffered the same ordeal. In this updated and revised edition, Michael Neenan focuses on the meanings we attach to life’s adversities in order to understand how we respond to them. This is why different people can react to the same adverse event in a variety of ways such as fighting back or crumbling. Different meanings of what constitutes resilience are also discussed and the author takes issue with the simplistic view of it as bouncing back from adversity which suggests the absence of struggle and emotional pain as well as underestimating how long the process of self-righting can sometimes take.

Developing Resilience shows how people can find constructive ways of dealing with hard times by using the ideas and techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy as well as drawing on the Viewpoints and experiences of other writers presented here. This book provides useful guidance and advice on topics including:

  • Managing negative emotions in difficult times
  • Using an assets and liabilities model to understand resilient behaviour
  • Distinguishing between what’s within and outside of your control
  • Identifying and changing attitudes that undermine resilience building
  • Developing self-belief
  • Increasing your level of frustration tolerance
  • Maintaining a resilient outlook.

This book will be essential reading for anyone interested in learning more about resilience as well as for mental health professionals, coaches and therapists looking for guidance in helping their clients to cope better with adversity.

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