ISBN: 9781947604117

Owning It


ISBN: 9781947604117
Author(s) : Alex Kajitani
SKU: 9781947604117


Change is coming at us from all angles: technological, cultural, social, and environmental. This presents a great challenge—and a great opportunity—in schools and in the teaching profession. With Owning It, you’ll discover an array of easy-to-implement strategies designed to help you excel in the myriad of modern-day responsibilities of teachers and educators: classroom leader, mentor, colleague, team member, and public professional.

This book will empower teachers to own their careers, teach effectively, and develop strong relationships:

  • Acquire straightforward strategies for dealing with everyday situations found in classrooms, schools, and communities.
  • Understand the multifaceted role of a teacher in today’s schools and how to balance the numerous responsibilities—from classroom management to relationships with colleagues.
  • Feel inspired and motivated to bring out the best in yourself as well as in your students.
  • Observe creative approaches to improve teaching strategies and student engagement.
  • Answer reflection questions to connect with and relate to the strategies covered in the book.

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