ISBN: 9781863971096

Oral Language Strategies

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ISBN: 9781863971096
Author(s) : Lyn Catchpole,
SKU: 9781863971096


Oral language skills are important prerequisites to the development of written language skills. This book aims to provide teachers with a range of strategies for oral language activities, with multiple examples of each strategy.  This approach allows ample opportunity to promote, practise and consolidate oral language skills.

The worksheets and activities in this book are designed  to promote oral language strategies and are directly linked with the “First Steps” approach to oral language.
Each section of this book, “Oral Language Strategies”, contains a set of similar activities designed to develop and reinforce the specified oral language strategy. Each set of activity sheets is preceded by Teachers’ Notes which provide an explanation of possible approaches that can be used. However, these worksheets can be used for a wide range of unlimited activities beyond the suggestions made in this book

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