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Off We Go Series Going to a Birthday Party 

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This book is beautifully illustrated and describes the activity of going to a birthday party using 12 pictures in a sequence. This book is particularly aimed at pre-school children and children with special needs to support language development and communication. By using this book to prepare your child for going to a birthday party, they will be happier and able to manage the experience. It can be used before a child goes to a birthday party, to prepare them as to what is likely to happen at the party. The book helps to explain that you have to give the present and card. (Often the child coming to the birthday party will want to keep the present!) The book also shows the tradition of playing games and that there will be a table of party food. This book is one of twelve titles available in the Off We Go! series.

Practitioners, teachers, and parents working with pre-school children, children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and children with intellectual and learning difficulties.

ISBN: 9781906583064 – Extent: 14 Pages –  Author: Avril Webster – Age Suitability: Pre-school/Primary

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