ISBN: 9781855034068

Get Physical!


– An Inclusive, Therapeutic PE Programme to Develop Motor Skills

ISBN: 9781855034068
Author(s) : Lois Addy
SKU: 9781855034068


– An Inclusive, Therapeutic PE Programme to Develop Motor Skills

Designed as an inclusive PE scheme, the materials in this unique programme provide focused support for those children with specific motor problems. Lois Addy is a paediatric occupational therapist and senior lecturer who has written extensively on helping children with perceptual and motor difficulties, making Get Physical! suitable for use by class teachers, occupational therapists or physiotherapists. Get Physical! provides 40 clear, detailed lesson plans that:

  • Develop important perceptual and motor process skills in all children
  • Are formative and diagnostic, enabling you to identify individual areas of need
  • Help you to integrate learning in PE with other aspects of the curriculum

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