ISBN: 9781849055604

Beating Dyspraxia with a Hop, Skip & Jump


ISBN: 9781849055604
Author(s) : Geoff Platt
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Children with dyspraxia often have reduced motor skills including balance, timing and coordination. It is no wonder then, that they will do everything in their power to avoid gym class! By encouraging children with dyspraxia to take part in an easy and fun exercise program, teachers and parents can help them to overcome their symptoms and enjoy physical activities. Geoff Platt’s highly effective program aims to improve strength and fitness by focusing on familiar activities such as running, jumping and ball play. These simple exercises can be taught by anyone and no specialist supervision or equipment is required.

This book demonstrates how regular exercise routines that are tailored specifically to the needs of children with dyspraxia can make a real difference, improving muscle activation, neural control and overall movement skills. This practical guide will be essential resource for parents, Physical Education teachers, and other teachers of recreation and games classes who are looking to help children with dyspraxia to reduce weakness and improve motor skills.

Brought up to date with new lesson plans and an extra stage to the programme, this revised expanded edition explains Geoff Platt’s simple, step-by-step exercise regime to help children with dyspraxia overcome their symptoms

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