Numbers for Nippers

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The two books in the Numbers for Nippers series have been developed by maths resource writer John Thompson and new entrants teacher, Laurel Belworthy. Together they have come up with a great collection of activities for children which are supported by information pages for teachers.

The activities can be done individually, in co-operative groups, with a teacher aide or with parents at home. Co-operative work is recommended because children will have an opportunity to engage in ‘Maths Talk’ with these resources. The theme of the natural world has been incorporated into both books. Activity types range from cutting up and sorting or matching to board games, drawing, and writing.

• Help notes for teachers in each section which set out approaches to using the activities,
ideas for encouraging ‘maths talk’ and the mathematical concepts which underpin the
• Over 35 activity sheets in each book which will help children to:
– make estimates and check the reasonableness of their answers
– form sets of up to 20 objects
– count up to 50
– make up and tell number stories
– add up to the sum of 20
– read and write 2-digit whole numbers
– identify and classify shapes in their own words
– follow a sequence of instructions
– classify objects by shape attributes
– sort everyday objects into categories and talk about them.

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