Number Matters

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Activities to build number knowledge

The Number Matters series has been designed to be a popular and valuable feature of your numeracy programme. Attractively presented with images to capture young imaginations, each page contains one or more activities along with support tools such as number lines so that they are immediately available if students require them. As well as fitting in smoothly with the classroom programme, the activities work well as resources for students to complete at home so that parents can keep in touch with today’s numeracy learning and support their child in their development.

Book 1:

  • Matching numbers to objects
  • Writing numbers
  • Counting to 5
  • Recognising dot patterns
  • Recognising dice patterns
  • Making 5 and patterns to 5
  • Recognising tens frame patterns
  • Recognising finger patterns
  • Matching number names to patterns and numbers

Book 2:

  • Recognising “ty” and “teen” numbers
  • Making 10
  • Recalling basic facts to and of 10
  • Working with tens
  • Doubling and halving to 10
  • Counting on and back
  • Recognising and finding tidy numbers

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