Number Made Easy

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Breaking Leaning into Achievable Steps for Building Confidence in Maths

Tired of searching for resources that really will help students in your class who are falling behind in maths? The Number Made Easy series is expertly designed to respond to the needs of students who struggle to grasp maths concepts easily. The activities break the learning into small steps that allow students to experience success as well as giving them the scaffolding and motivation they need to progress to the next step. A learning intention is included with each activity to focus students on the task at hand. For the teacher, these resources offer effective tools for supporting their students in mastering the skill at hand.

Book 1:

  • Recalling doubles and halves
  • Making 10
  • Making 100
  • Recalling 10 and … facts
  • Making 20
  • Recalling near doubles

Book 2:

  • Understanding groups of numbers
  • Understanding place value of numbers
  • Understanding what happens to 9 and 0 when we add or subtract
  • Making 1, 10 and 100 more
  • Reading numbers
  • Rounding Numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1 000

Book 3:

  • Drawing a picture to help solve an addition problem
  • Using a number line to solve an addition problem
  • Solving a problem when one of the addends is missing
  • Drawing a picture to help solve a subtraction problem
  • Using a number line to solve a subtraction problem
  • Using basic facts to solve a subtraction problem

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