Navigating The Zones


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Self-regulation is not “one thing” we do. It’s a series of thinking processes we go through that help us figure out what’s going on internally so we can figure out what behavior we show externally.

Navigating The Zones is an interactive teaching tool designed to extend Leah Kuyper’s original teachings as described in the book The Zones of Regulation®. It engages participants in a problem-solving process at the heart of emotional self-regulation—while learning and collaborating along the way. It walks participants through the “Zones Pathway”—a visual, sequential, and concrete roadmap that helps structure participants’ thinking and processing about the problem-solving sequence that is at the center of emotional self-regulation. This three-step process involves thinking about a Situation (where are we, who are we with?), thinking about and interpreting the Feeling we experience in response to the situation and thinking about a Tool or strategy we can use to help us navigate the situation in an expected way.

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CODE:9781936943449 AUTHOR: Leah Kuypers Terri Rossman Elizabeth Sautter

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