Multiple Intelligence Approaches to Assessment


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Solving the Assessment Conundrum

Based on Howard Gardner’s model of Multiple Intelligences, this excellent book on multiperceptual testing details more than 1,000 specific ideas designed to help teachers accurately assess children’s academic progress.

Covering the subject areas of Maths, English, History, Geography, Science, PSHE and practical and fine arts, it allows the teacher to observe and score children involved in various activities and learning tasks with 5 “Student Watch” assessment instruments and shows how to create intelligence profiles based on their observations. Using the Multiple Intelligences model enhances and deepens the learning of students and increases student achievement. This comprehensive text also gives practical prescriptive ideas on how to teach to varying intelligence strengths.

David Lazear is the founder of New Dimensions of Learning, an organisation that trains educators and business people to apply cutting-edge research on multiple intelligences and other brain-friendly approaches to instruction and business. He has many years’ international experience in applying MI theory in practical ways to classrooms, schools and business. You can visit David Lazear\’s website at:

[ISBN: 9781904424482, 191 Pages]

[Author: David Lazear, Suitability: 5+]


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