ISBN: 9781899836611

Mozart for Accelerated Learning – CD Rom

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ISBN: 9781899836611
Author(s) : Roland Roberts,
SKU: 9781899836611


Mozart for Accelerated Learning (CDs) –  Unleash Your Potential through the Genius of Mozart! Significant evidence has shown that certain types of music can help us attain a state of relaxed alertness, known as the ‘alpha state\’, which is beneficial to effective study.

Whilst in the alpha state, a person is able to learn in a stress-free, high-energy environment. When classical music of around 60 beats per minute is arranged and performed on a synthesiser, the results are even more astounding. Roland Roberts has arranged two hours of particularly effective Baroque music and two hours of Mozart\’s most ‘passive\’ pieces specifically for the purpose of accelerating your learning.

These specially arranged recordings will help to accelerate the pace of learning effortlessly.

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