ISBN: 9781776552283

More Algebra for Everyone


ISBN: 9781776552283
Author(s) : Vaneeta Manners,
SKU: 9781776552283


Activities to help students to tackle algebra with confidence

Algebra needs to be taught well if all students are to gain the solid foundation they need to work confidently with this fundamental curriculum strand and to progress with the mathematics curriculum more broadly. Based on a wealth of insight and teaching experience, the Algebra for Everyone series has been created to provide the informed, practical support both teachers and students need to get algebra learning off to a strong start.

Book 1, establishing the foundations of learning, is a resource that can be used to introduce and review basic algebra before moving on to the more advanced algebra covered in Book 2.
Concepts are presented in a variety of ways to help students build their understanding and to gain extensive practice without it feeling repetitive. Interactivity is another effective feature as students work with each other to strengthen their understanding of the main algebraic techniques. With its engaging, accessible activities designed to inspire confidence in learning, this series makes a strong case for the idea that, really,
algebra can be for everyone!

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