Molly & Wally Set – Large Figurative Living Puppets (65cm)



These large figurative puppets can be used to model appropriate feelings and social skills related to children in the classroom or small group therapy. Therapists and teachers can develop biosketches for their puppets that include the puppet’s name, age, family living situation, pets, special interests, and special difficulties or worries. As children become familiar with the Incredible Years puppet’s personalities they begin to develop empathy for them and identify with them as peers with relatable difficulties and successes. Teachers and therapists may use these puppets to talk about feelings and problems and share some possible solutions as well as to role-play solutions to difficult situations.

  • Each puppet is 65cm tall.
  • Easy to use full mouth movement and hand access.
  • Suitable for Children 10 Months and above.

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Large Figurative Living Puppets (65cm)