Mindfully Me Series

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The Mindfully Me series consists of three colourfully illustrated children’s books that promote positive mental health and well-being.



This series of three colourfully illustrated children’s books, by Louise Shanagher, author of the very popular recently released series Kindfully Me, is a delightful addition to the Creative Mindfulness range.  The books promote positive mental health and well-being. Each book encourages positive self-esteem for children aged four and up, dealing with the everyday issues that they face. The books include colourful workbook pages.

It is the first set of mindfulness books to be directed at Irish primary school children aged 4 to 8. This new series addresses the rise in young children’s anxiety in a practical, helpful way and aligns with the ‘self-identity’ unit of the SPHE strand ‘Myself’.

Each book in the series introduces effective and evidence-based techniques which have been proven to promote positive mental health and well-being.

The three books in this series are:

  • It’s Always There – focuses on mindful breathing as a practical tool to help children deal with situations they find stressful and with the many challenges that life can present.
  • Where is Happy?encourages children to relate to themselves with kindness and self-compassion and to question whether external things really bring lasting happiness.
  • Look who’s Herehelps children to identify, manage and express difficult emotions. It encourages them to relate to their emotions with mindfulness and self-compassion.

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Mindfully Me Set (3 Books), Book1: It’s Always There, Book 2: Where is Happy?, Book 3: Look who’s Here

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