Mindful Education for ADHD Students


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This practical guide describes ways of working with learners diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by using Multiple Intelligences Theory.

Written for all educators as well as parents, it examines curricular, instructional, school partnering, and leadership issues that may arise for these students. Supported by real-life examples, it presents constructive strategies to help teachers work with ADHD students in ways that play to their strengths and allow for meaningful inclusion in the general education classroom.

As viewed through the lens of an MI curriculum, ADHD is not a disadvantage; it is an integral component of the way a student processes information and makes sense of the world.

Features FREE online access to MIDAS assessments – one for a student with ADHD and one for a teacher.




V. Proulx-Schirduan, K.I. Case & B. Shearer


[CODE: CTM-9937; PAGES: 176; AGE: ALL]