ISBN: 9781741707076

Using Open-Ended Maths Tasks


ISBN: 9781741707076
Author(s) : John Wilson
SKU: 9781741707076


We need to ask better questions to get better thinking from our students, and Open-Ended Maths Tasks – High School, is geared towards helping us do just that. Covering two basic age levels, 12-13 year-olds & 14-15 year-olds.

This book is designed to help educators looking for a variety of strategies use short, innovative tasks based around the four main learning theories – Creative and Critical Thinking, Multiple Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys. Incorporating a substantive set of task cards covering Structure, Number, Space and Measurement and Chance and Data, this book facilitates better thinking skills and comprehension in the secondary-school maths classroom.

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