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Who for?
These worksheets are designed for students of average mathematical ability who are aged 12 to 14 years. The questions are designed to make students THINK and are not confined to one level of the mathematics curriculum.

What are they?
The worksheets are photocopiable (or in book form) write-on mathematics worksheets designed to encourage students to THINK. They may be set by teachers as homework sheets, one per week, so as not to interfere too much with a tight school homework programme. To promote THINKING, the worksheets can also be used in the classroom, perhaps the last half hour at the end of the day, or on a Friday. The worksheets can be handed out to students who have worked quickly and completed the work designated for a lesson, and are looking for something else. Alternatively the worksheets will absorb students in class when teachers are absent and work has not been set.

How do they work?
The worksheets will enable students to think, have fun, be challenged, have a wide variety of new experiences and consolidate their knowledge of mathematics. Correct mathematics vocabulary and terminology are used in the text and the processes will develop the student’s general knowledge and give them practice in identifying patterns. A mathematical glossary or dictionary may be helpful. It is not intended that students complete, in one session, every question on a worksheet, but rather answer as many questions as possible and enjoy the participation. The questions are rich with stimulating examples, diagrams, and other illustrations. It is hoped the
students will discover the amazing relevance of mathematics in the world around them. It is important in any Mathematics Curriculum to place an emphasis on THINKING.

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