Take the Bother Out of Basic Facts


This teacher resource book offers a supportive and reassuringly practical approach to embedding the essential maths skills of basic facts.

ISBN: 9781776552436
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Approachable activities to introduce and consolidate basic facts

If learning basic facts appears to be a repetitive, virtually endless chore, students can conclude it is not worth the bother. Yet, given basic facts set the foundation for essentially all mathematical learning that follows, there has to be another way.

Take the Bother Out of Basic Facts offers a supportive and reassuringly practical approach to embedding these essential skills. The attractively presented activities can be photocopied and used as part of a classroom programme or for homework at any year level. Designed to systematically build students’ skills and confidence, the practice activities are arranged progressively, increasing in both the number of tasks and difficulty level. Another key part of this book is the fun activities that encourage students to apply their knowledge and experience success as they develop their skills. Answers to all activities are provided in an accessible format for student reference.

Features of this book:

  • Embeds basic facts skills with a supportive approach that is both systematic and encouraging
  • Provides activities that will slot readily into either the classroom or the homework programme
  • Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, prompting students to learn how all four processes relate to each other
  • Includes handy hints and answers to support students in their development of independent learning habits

Age Suitability:

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A4 Photocopiable Teacher Resource Book – Page count: 76


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