ISBN: 9781741702316

Open-Ended Maths Tasks


ISBN: 9781741702316
SKU: 9781741702316


Questions prompt thinking. In order to get better thinking out of our students, we need to ask better questions. This book focuses on the use of open-ended questions in the maths classroom. Open-ended questions promote effective problem-solving skills and can be easily incorporated with thinking tools such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Habits of Mind, Creative and Critical Thinking and other organisational skills.

These tried and tested, ready-to-use and reproducible task cards can be used throughout the primary maths classroom. The topics, covering measurement and number, address curriculum content for each of the levels covered from junior to upper primary. Each task has been developed to encourage critical thinking at one of the six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Key Features:

  • Contains a full description of key thinking skills and how to use them to convert traditional maths tasks into open-ended excercises
  • Easily reproducible task cards – use the accompanying CD-ROM to print and laminate task cards or simply photocopy for immediate use
  • Infuses ‘thinking’ into the maths lesson

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